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Pregnancy Support Band

Maternity support bands can help improve posture and reduce pain.

Pregnancy Support Band

Our Maternity Support Belt helps with even weight distribution around your pregnancy belly, giving you 360 full support to help you ease pregnancy pains. Designed to provide gentle compression around your hips, the Pregnancy Maternity Belt will correct your posture to ease lower back pains, pelvic floor pains and round ligament pains. Gives you more comfort and confidence to face the day!

The Benefits Of Pregnancy Support Bands For Moms
  • These pregnancy support bands help decrease pain, including SI joint pain and round ligament pain

  • They offer support for the abdomen

  • Maternity belts help posture and balance

  • There’s reduced pressure on the bladder and pelvic region

  • They make your daily activities a bit more comfortable

  • You can keep wearing them after pregnancy for more support

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