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Terms & Conditions

The information provided on this website is not intended or implied as a substitute for professional medical advice. The information on this website is provided with the understanding that the content and service providers are not involved in the provision of medical, wellness, psychological, or any kind of personal professional service otherwise through this website. Nothing on this website is intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information provided by Aloha Pumps is intended to educate and help mothers make better healthcare decisions and should never be construed as medical advice. Any action taken by a user in response to information obtained from this website is at the discretion of the user.

The customer agrees they have not received a personal breast pump under this insurance policy or any other insurance policy for this pregnancy. The customer agrees to allow Aloha Pumps to send a secure payment link via email for any upgraded Breast Pump fees that may apply to the order. The customer agrees that if payment is not received for any upgraded fees, the order will not be placed until Aloha Pumps has received payment.  The customer understands that if they received the breast pump from another supplier or through insurance coverage, this charge may be waived, and the client will be responsible for the full retail price of the Aloha Pumps breast pump. Aloha Pumps is authorized to contact clients by phone, email, or text message. Aloha Pumps does not disclose this information.

Except where contrary to federal or state law, the client is responsible for any sale charges that the insurance company/companies do not pay.

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